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Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Go Observatory Tent

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Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Go Observatory Tent

Want Seamless Star-Gazing? Get the Explore Scientific Observatory Tent that will help you observe the cosmos without the interference of stray lights and glare!


  • Effortless Pop-Up Assembly: Quickly set up and tear down in minutes with our intuitive pop-up design. No complex instructions or tools needed.
  • Dual-Room Spaciousness: Enjoy 50 square feet of interior space with five-foot walls and six-foot high windbreak walls, providing ample room for single or dual telescope setups and additional gear.
  • Travel-Friendly Design: Lightweight and compact, folding down into a 27-inch disc that's only 4 inches thick, perfect for transport in small vehicles or on flights.
  • Durability Meets Innovation: Constructed with black-out coated fabric for waterproof and UV protection. Features large 42-inch high by 36-inch wide doors with heavy-duty zippers and an oversized roof cover for superior equipment protection.
  • Complete Set for Immediate Use: Includes cords and pegs for secure staking, plus additional hoops for heavy-duty straps to enhance stability in windy conditions.

The Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Go Observatory Tent is for you if…

  • You're an Amateur Astronomer: Passionate about star-gazing and need a reliable, easy-to-set-up observatory solution to maximize your observation time.
  • You're an Astrophotographer: Looking for a stable, light-blocking environment to capture high-quality images of celestial bodies without interference from stray lights.
  • You Love Outdoor Adventures: Frequently travel to remote locations for dark-sky explorations and require a portable, compact observatory that fits easily in your vehicle or luggage.
  • You Organize Astronomy Events: Whether planning star-gazing events, educational workshops, or public outreach programs, you need a dependable, portable observatory to accommodate various setups and participants.


Imagine setting up your own personal observatory in just minutes, anywhere your adventures take you. With the Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Go Observatory Tent, this dream becomes a reality. Gone are the days of struggling with complex setups and bulky, immovable structures. Our innovative pop-up design ensures that you can spend more time observing the stars and less time wrestling with instructions. Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or a passionate hobbyist, this tent provides the perfect environment for your observations and astrophotography, shielding your equipment from dust, dew, and wind while blocking out unwanted glare from stray lights.

Designed with the serious star-gazer in mind, the Explore Scientific Observatory Tent offers 50 square feet of spacious, dual-room accommodation. This ample space allows you to set up single or dual telescope systems with ease, giving you the flexibility to explore the night sky without feeling cramped. The tent’s lightweight and compact form factor, folding down into a 27-inch disc, makes it incredibly easy to transport in small vehicles or even on flights, making it an ideal companion for your remote dark-sky expeditions.

Durability and innovation are at the core of our design. The black-out coated fabric not only provides waterproof and UV protection but also ensures a dark, glare-free environment essential for clear, detailed observations. Large, heavy-duty zippered doors allow for secure and easy access, while the oversized roof cover offers additional protection against the elements. Everything you need for a stable setup is included, with cords, pegs, and additional hoops for heavy-duty straps to ensure your tent stays secure even in windy conditions.

This tent is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in your passion for astronomy. Imagine being able to capture the perfect shot of a distant galaxy or nebula, free from the disturbances that can ruin a perfect observation night. Imagine having the freedom to explore remote, pristine star-gazing locations without the logistical headaches. With the Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Go Observatory Tent, you can elevate your astronomy game to new heights, experiencing the universe in unparalleled clarity and comfort.


Comprehensive Package for the Ultimate Star-Gazing Experience

When you purchase the Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Go Observatory Tent, you receive a comprehensive package designed to enhance your star-gazing experience and ensure a stable, secure setup. Here’s what’s included in your package:

  • 60" x 60" Tent: The primary component of your observatory setup, this spacious tent offers ample room for your telescope and additional equipment. Its robust design ensures durability and protection against the elements, providing a secure environment for your observations.
  • Extension Tent: Expand your setup with the included extension tent, which seamlessly attaches to the main tent. This addition increases your workspace, allowing for a dual-room configuration that can accommodate multiple telescope setups or additional gear. Whether you need extra space for your equipment or a separate area for operational activities, the extension tent offers the flexibility you need.
  • 120" x 180" Top Cover: Protect your entire setup with the oversized top cover. Measuring 120" x 180", this cover provides extensive protection against the sun, rain, and other environmental factors. Its durable material ensures that your equipment remains safe and dry, no matter the weather conditions, allowing you to focus on your star-gazing and astrophotography without worry.
  • 12 Paracords with Cord Locks: Secure your tent and extension with the included 12 paracords, each equipped with cord locks for easy and adjustable tensioning. These high-quality paracords ensure that your observatory tent remains stable and secure, even in windy conditions. The cord locks make setup and adjustments quick and hassle-free, providing peace of mind during your observations.
  • 12 Ground Stakes: For additional stability, the package includes 12 ground stakes. These stakes are designed to firmly anchor your tent and extension to the ground, preventing any movement or shifting. Whether you're setting up on soft grass or harder soil, these ground stakes ensure that your observatory remains firmly in place, providing a reliable foundation for your star-gazing activities.


Transform Your Astronomy Experience

Don’t let the limitations of traditional observatories hold you back. Embrace the future of star-gazing with a solution that combines portability, durability, and ease of use. The universe is vast and full of wonders waiting to be discovered—make the Explore Scientific Observatory Tent your gateway to these celestial adventures. Invest in your passion and transform your astronomy experience today.

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Customer Reviews

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Marcelo O. (Parkland, Florida, United States)
Nice product

I acquired this tent to use on my backyard and it works very well. The product has good quality and it is simple to assemble/disassemble. Also, the fabric works well on blocking lateral sources of light.

Questions & Answers

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  • How easy is it to set up?

    The Explore Scientific Observatory Tent is designed for effortless setup. Simply release the band, and the tent springs into shape. The intuitive Velcro seam connects the two spacious rooms quickly and securely. Most users can set up or take down the tent in just a few minutes, making it perfect for spontaneous star-gazing sessions and remote expeditions.

  • How does the tent handle extreme weather conditions?

    The tent is designed to offer robust protection against various weather conditions. The waterproof and UV-protected fabric ensures that your equipment stays dry and safe. For added stability during windy conditions, the tent includes additional hoops for heavy-duty straps, which can be secured for extra support.

Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Go Observatory Tent | ES-2ROBV | 811803033139

Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Go Observatory Tent

$279.99 $334.99





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Total space: 50 square feet of total space

Doors: 42-inch high by 36-inch wide doors

Each room: 60-inches by 60-inches square


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