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Explore FirstLight 102mm f/9.8 Doublet Refractor Telescope (OTA only)

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Explore FirstLight 102mm f/9.8 Doublet Refractor Telescope (OTA only)

Want a Versatile Telescope? Get the Explore FirstLight 102mm OTA for Compatibility with Your Existing Gear without the Need for New Mounts or Tripods.



  • Exceptional Optical Performance: 102mm / 4" aperture with 1000mm focal length and f/9.8 focal ratio, providing bright, clear images with minimal chromatic aberrations.
  • Doublet Design: Utilizes a pairing of glass lenses separated by a cushion of air to minimize chromatic aberrations, ensuring sharper views.
  • Anti-Reflection Multi-Coated Optics: Enhances light transmission for brighter and more detailed images of celestial objects.
  • 2.5" Hexagonal Focuser: Offers precise adjustments for sharp, focused views of the stars and planets.
  • 25mm Plössl Eyepiece: Delivers enhanced magnification and expansive views of the night sky.
  • 90° Star Diagonal: Provides comfortable viewing angles, making nighttime observations easier.
  • Red-Dot Finderscope: Helps quickly locate celestial objects, increasing the efficiency of your stargazing sessions.
  • Smartphone Adapter: Allows you to capture and share breathtaking photos of celestial events with ease.
  • OTA Only: Compatible with a variety of mounts and tripods, offering flexibility for users with existing equipment.

The Explore FirstLight 102mm f/9.8 Doublet Refractor Telescope is for you if…

  • You are an Astronomy Enthusiast: Suitable for both beginners and experienced stargazers looking for high-quality optics and ease of use.
  • You Seek Clear, Sharp Views: Designed to provide bright, detailed images of celestial objects with minimal chromatic aberrations.
  • You Value Ease of Use: Features intuitive design and accessories that simplify setup and operation, making stargazing accessible and enjoyable.
  • You Need Compatibility and Flexibility: An OTA-only that can be easily paired with your existing mounts and tripods.
  • You Appreciate a Comprehensive Package: Includes essential accessories such as a 25mm Plössl eyepiece, 90° star diagonal, red-dot finderscope, and smartphone adapter, providing a complete stargazing solution.
  • You Want to Capture and Share Your Discoveries: The smartphone adapter allows you to easily attach your smart device to the telescope, enabling you to capture and share stunning images of the night sky.


Imagine the thrill of observing the cosmos with unparalleled clarity and detail. The Explore FirstLight 102mm f/9.8 Doublet Refractor Telescope is your gateway to an extraordinary stargazing experience. Whether you are a beginner eager to explore the night sky or an experienced astronomer seeking a high-quality instrument, this telescope is designed to meet your needs.

With a 102mm (4") aperture and a 1000mm focal length, this telescope offers a powerful magnification of up to 175x, allowing you to delve deep into the mysteries of the universe. The f/9.8 focal ratio ensures a perfect balance between wide-field views and detailed observations. You can marvel at the intricate craters of the moon, the stunning rings of Saturn, and distant deep-sky objects with exceptional clarity. The fully multi-coated optics enhance light transmission, delivering bright and crisp images that bring celestial wonders into sharp focus.

What sets this telescope apart is its thoughtful design and user-friendly features. The 2.5" hexagonal focuser provides precise adjustments, ensuring that your views are always sharp and focused. The included 25mm Plössl eyepiece and 90° star diagonal offer comfortable and expansive viewing angles, making your stargazing sessions more enjoyable. The red-dot finderscope helps you quickly locate celestial objects, saving you time and enhancing your overall experience.

In today's digital age, capturing and sharing your astronomical discoveries is easier than ever. The Explore FirstLight telescope includes a smartphone adapter, allowing you to attach your smartphone to the eyepiece and capture breathtaking photos of celestial events. Share your stunning images with friends and family, and inspire others with the beauty of the night sky.

One of the key advantages of this product is its flexibility. As an OTA-only, it can be easily paired with a variety of mounts and tripods, making it an ideal choice for those who already own compatible equipment. This versatility ensures that you can customize your setup to suit your preferences and needs.


What You Can See

With the Explore FirstLight 102mm f/9.8 Doublet Refractor Telescope, you can enjoy a diverse range of celestial objects in stunning detail. Here's a glimpse of what you can observe:

  • The Moon: Examine the detailed craters, mountains, and valleys on the lunar surface.
  • Planets: View Saturn's majestic rings, Jupiter's cloud bands and moons, and the phases of Venus.
  • Star Clusters: Discover open and globular star clusters, such as the Pleiades and the Hercules Cluster.
  • Nebulae: Observe the ethereal glow of nebulae, including the Orion Nebula and the Lagoon Nebula.
  • Galaxies: Catch glimpses of distant galaxies, like the Andromeda Galaxy and the Whirlpool Galaxy.
  • Double Stars: Split double stars and appreciate their contrasting colors and brightness.


Essential Accessories Included

The Explore FirstLight 102mm f/9.8 Doublet Refractor Telescope comes with a comprehensive set of accessories designed to enhance your stargazing sessions:

  • Smartphone Camera Adapter: Capture the beauty of the cosmos with your smartphone. This adapter allows you to attach your smartphone to the telescope, making it easy to take photos and videos of your observations. Share your stunning images of celestial events with friends and family or document your stargazing experiences for future reference.
  • 90° Star Diagonal: Enjoy comfortable viewing angles with the included 90° star diagonal. This accessory redirects the light path for a more convenient viewing position, reducing neck strain during prolonged observation sessions. It ensures that your stargazing experience is not only enjoyable but also comfortable.
  • 1.25" 25mm Plössl Eyepiece: Delve into the cosmos with enhanced magnification using the 25mm Plössl eyepiece. This high-quality eyepiece provides expansive views of the night sky, making it ideal for scanning star clusters, nebulae, and other celestial objects. It enhances your ability to explore the universe in greater detail.
  • Red-Dot Finder: Locate celestial objects with ease using the red-dot finder. This accessory projects a red dot onto the sky, allowing you to quickly and accurately aim your telescope. It's particularly useful for beginners, ensuring you spend more time observing and less time searching for objects.


Transform Your Stargazing Experience

Investing in the Explore FirstLight 102mm f/9.8 Doublet Refractor Telescope means choosing a high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly tool that transforms your curiosity about the universe into a deeply satisfying hobby. It's not just about observing the stars; it's about experiencing the awe and wonder of the cosmos in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Begin your astronomical adventure with confidence and clarity – the universe is waiting for you.


Consider a package including a mount and tripod: 102mm f/9.8 with Alt-Azimuth Mount | 102mm f/9.8 with Equatorial Mount

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Explore FirstLight 102mm f/9.8 Doublet Refractor Telescope (OTA only) | FL-AR1021000 | 811803033399

Explore FirstLight 102mm f/9.8 Doublet Refractor Telescope (OTA only)

$349.99 $419.99




102 mm | 4"

Focal Length

1000 mm

Focal Ratio


Field of View



Fully multi-coated

Barrel Size





Package: 17.55 lb
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