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DayStar Filters SolaREDi QT127mm f/21 Chromosphere H-Alpha Solar Telescope (SE Grade, OTA Only)


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This is a Special Order item. Typical shipping times do not apply. Item ships in approximately 2-4 weeks.

DayStar Filters SolaREDi QT127mm f/21 Chromosphere H-alpha Solar Telescope (SE Grade)



  • Integrated Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Filter
  • For Amateur and Limited Research Use
  • 127mm Refractor Solar Scope
  • 2667mm Focal Length, f/21 Focal Ratio
  • Electronic Quantum Doppler Tuning
  • Tuned for Chromosphere Viewing
  • 0.01Å Tuning Accuracy
  • ±1.0Å Offset Capability
  • 2" Steeltrack Rack-and-Pinion Focuser
  • Vixen-Style Dovetail Mounting Rings


DayStar Filters redesigned their standard-grade SolaREDi QT 127mm f/21 Chromosphere H-Alpha Solar Telescope to make it lighter and shorter for easier handling and use on smaller mounts. It combines a full-aperture solar filter with the same electronic tuning system used in their Quantum-series filters to produce a powerful and effective dedicated solar-viewing telescope. This version of the solar scope allows you to study the rich details of the sun's chromosphere. The chromosphere's surface structure behaves differently in active regions than quiet areas where magnetic field lines are stronger, so viewing this portion of the sun provides a constantly changing observational experience. DayStar outfitted the SolaREDi with a standard filter system and is ideal for general-purpose amateur and limited research use. To protect this delicate instrument, it comes in a Pelican Storm Case with a custom-cut foam insert.

Optical Tube

  • Large 127mm f/21 aperture helps to reveal fine details
  • Long 2667mm focal length produces a high magnification potential
  • Achromatic doublet refractor-style optical configuration is reliable, easy to maintain, and does not require periodic collimation
  • Integrated 2-element Barlow system produces a longer effective focal length than the optical tube length
  • Carbon fiber optical tube construction reduces weight without sacrificing strength or stability while being resistant to expansion/contraction experienced by metal tubes when moving between extreme temperature changes
  • 2" steeltrack rack-and-pinion focuser can carry heavier loads, such as imaging systems, without flexing—ensuring the optical path stays straight and true
  • Focus lock mechanism prevents focus shift to ensure consistent images
  • 1.25" reducer adapter to use smaller eyepieces

Solar Filter

  • Standard (SE) grade filter system is ideal for amateur and limited research use
  • Permanent solar-viewing filter calibrated for the Hydrogen-alpha wavelength at 6562.8Å
  • Tuned for viewing details of the sun's chromosphere, with a bandpass typically between 0.5 and 0.3Å
  • The chromosphere can be thought of as a shell of gas around the sun's photosphere and is always moving and changing
  • The structure of the chromosphere behaves differently in active regions where magnetic field lines are stronger
  • The chromosphere is governed by magnetic forces and thought to be tied to the photosphere
  • Precision electronic tuning system
  • Digital display shows tuning
  • Accurate to 0.01Å in center wavelength
  • Enables wavelength to be offset as much as 1.0Å in either direction for Doppler shift compensation and to highlight specific areas
  • Runs on 12 VDC power with included adapter or user-supplied battery bank


  • OTA only—mount and tripod required for proper use
  • Includes mounting ring set with Vixen-style dovetail plate
  • Length of 29 inches (31.1 with dew shield)
  • Weight of 13 pounds

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DayStar 127-QT Solar Telescope - Chromosphere 724696426332

DayStar Filters SolaREDi QT127mm f/21 Chromosphere H-Alpha Solar Telescope (SE Grade, OTA Only)





127 mm | 5"

Focal Length

2667 mm

Focal Ratio


Field of View




Barrel Size





13.6 lb
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