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Vixen SPHINX SXD2 Equatorial GoTo Mount with PF-L Pole Viewfinder


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Vixen SPHINX SXD2 Equatorial GoTo Mount with PF-L Pole Viewfinder



  • GoTo mount with computer control
  • Starbook Ten control with high-resolution monitor
  • 272,000 preinstalled celestial objects
  • Standard auto guider input on the control
  • Permanent PEC and Proprietary Vixen PEC
  • Backlash Compensation
  • PF-L Polarie Polar Scope
  • 15 kg (33 lb) max. astrophotography payload capacity without counterweight
  • Accessories: 2 counterweights (1.9 kg and 3.7 kg)


Vixen has developed a new generation of SX mounts for demanding observers and astrophotographers.

The SXD2 mount comes with the new STAR BOOK TEN control feature and be operated manually or with a computer. Featuring the same precision stepper motors as the top-of-the-range AXD mount, the SXD2 sets a new standard for performance and precision in the Vixen mount range.

Precision stepper motors and micro-step motion control system
The star feature of the SXD2 is the precision stepper motors, which offer better performance and responsiveness than previous models. The micro-step motion control system has powerful yet very quiet drive characteristics that offer both fine control and quick swivel movements.

Built-in bearings
The bearings of the RA and DEC axles and the worm shafts were significantly improved in order to reduce the load on the motors. The motors are much quieter than those on previous models.

High-precision worm gears
High-precision processing technologies were used to rectify problems with the worm gear. The edges of both worms and worm gears are particularly smooth, which enables them to deliver very high precision.

Declination axis functions as counterweight
The sturdy motor units are built into the bottom of the declination axis to ensure that the SDX2’s center of gravity is below the intersection of the RA and DEC axis. As a result, fewer additional counterweights are required.


The included polar axis scope has an illuminated star-pattern reticle that requires the user to simply superimpose the star pattern over the three prominent stars over the North Pole for proper polar alignment. With this simple alignment done, the STAR BOOK TEN controller can be used to provide full Go-To capabilities with a color display and intuitive menu system.

Outfitted with an internal and updateable database of over 272,000 objects, the SB10 offers phased star charts, customized guided tours of the night sky, and the ability to program out tracking errors (PPEC and VPEC) and backlash to improve the precision of the tracking system during long-duration observation sessions.



  • Motorized German Equatorial design
  • Vixen-style dovetail saddle
  • Automatic GoTo slewing
  • 15 kg (33 lb) max. astrophotography payload capacity without counterweight
  • Counterweight Bar: 20mm in diameter, Retractable
  • Azimuth Adjustment: Fine adjustments: About ±7 degrees ;Twin tangent screws/knobs: About 1.2 degrees per rotation
  • Altitude Adjustment: Latitude between 0 degree ~ 70 degrees, 3-altitude zone setting (high, middle and low latitude, adjustment range: ±15 degrees in each zone), Altitude Scale:2-degree increments, Twin T-bar handles: 0.8 degrees per rotation
  • Power Connecting Port: DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class4
  • Electricity Consumption: DC12V • 0.45~2.2A(at 10kg payload), 0.6A~2.5A (at 15kg payload)
  • Weight: 9.2kg (20.2 lb), excluding counterweights


Motor & Gears

  • Drive Motor: Stepping (Pulse) motors with 250PPS
  • Worm Gears: 9mm in diameter, Brass
  • R.A Slow Motion: 180-tooth full circle micro-movement gear, 72mm in diameter, Brass wheel
  • DEC Slow Motion: 180-tooth full circle micro-movement gear, 72mm in diameter, Brass wheel
  • R.A Axis: 35mm in diameter, Carbon steel
  • DEC Axis: 40mm in diameter, Carbon steel
  • Number of Bearings: 9 pieces


STAR BOOK TEN Controller

  • CPU: 32bit RISC Processor 324MHz SH7764
  • Display: 5-inch TFT, WVGA(800×480 pixels) 65,536 colors, with backlight
  • Power Connecting Port: DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class4
  • LAN Port: 10BASE-T
  • Controller Cable Connection Port: D-SUB9PIN male plug
  • Power Supply: DC12V (Supplied from the mount side.)
  • Built-in Clock Battery: CR2032×1
  • Electricity Consumption: 12V•0.5A (Stand alone use)
  • Operating Temperature: 0~40°C (104 F)
  • Weight: 380g (13.4 oz)


Polar Axis Scope

  • Built-in 6x20mm scope, FoV 8 degrees, Bubble level, Illuminated reticle, Setting accuracy within 3 arc minutes
  • Time graduation circle: 10 arc minutes increments between 16h and 8h (the following day)
  • Date graduation circle: 2-day increments
  • Meridian offset circle: Adjustable between E20 degrees and W20 degrees in 5-degree increments
  • Ease of use: In the Northern hemisphere, align three bright stars with the corresponding pattern on the scope's illuminated reticle

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Vixen SPHINX SXD2 Equatorial GoTo Mount with PF-L Pole Viewfinder






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360mm × 343mm × 128mm


20.3 lb | 9.2 kg
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