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Vixen Portable Equatorial Mount POLARIE Step-up Kit II


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Vixen Portable Equatorial Mount POLARIE Step-up Kit II

Elevate Your Astrophotography with the POLARIE Deep Sky Upgrade Kit

Transform your stargazing and deep sky photography with the comprehensive POLARIE Step-up Kit, the ultimate accessory for enhancing your POLARIE Star Tracker's capabilities. Designed specifically for astronomy enthusiasts and astrophotographers, this upgrade kit enables you to capture the cosmos like never before using a telephoto lens.

What's Included in the POLARIE Step-up Kit:

  • POLARIE Multi Mounting Block: Offers versatile mounting options to accommodate various equipment configurations.
  • Dovetail Slide Bar DD: Ensures a secure and adjustable connection for your camera and lens, providing the stability needed for clear, detailed images.
  • POLARIE Polar Scope PFL-II: A precision optical instrument that simplifies the polar alignment process, ensuring accurate tracking of celestial objects.
  • POLARIE Fine Adjustment Unit: Allows for micro-adjustments in your setup, enabling perfect alignment and optimal imaging conditions.

Why Choose the POLARIE Step-up Kit?

Whether you're a seasoned astrophotographer or just beginning to explore the wonders of the night sky, this set-up kit is designed to enhance your experience. It's ideal for capturing breathtaking photos of deep sky objects with clarity and detail. The heavy loading capability of this kit, combined with your POLARIE Star Tracker, opens up new possibilities in astrophotography, allowing for longer exposure times without the worry of tracking errors or image blur.

By integrating the POLARIE Step-up Kit into your astrophotography gear, you're not just taking pictures; you're capturing pieces of the universe to share and marvel at. Embrace the night sky's boundless beauty and unlock the full potential of your POLARIE Star Tracker.

Increased Loading Capacity

Leveraging the POLARIE Multi Mounting Block and Dovetail Slide Bar DD, the POLARIE system now supports a higher maximum load of up to 6.5kg, accommodating more robust photography setups. To achieve perfect balance, especially with heavy DSLR cameras and similar equipment, the addition of an optional 1.0kg counterweight is essential. However, when integrating the POLARIE Fine Adjustment Unit into your setup, the maximum supported weight adjusts to 4kg, ensuring precise control and stability for your astrophotography adventures.

Accurate Polar Alignment with Ease

Achieving precise polar alignment is crucial for capturing stunning long-exposure astrophotography images with the POLARIE. The POLARIE Polar Scope PF-L II is outfitted with a specially designed reticle, making the alignment process both straightforward and precise. Simply align Polaris and two additional stars within the scope's view, positioning each according to the reticle's scale markings. This efficient method is all it takes to ensure your POLARIE is perfectly aligned.

But what exactly is polar alignment? In the northern hemisphere, the apparent motion of stars around the north celestial pole (close to Polaris) is known as diurnal motion. For accurate star tracking, the POLARIE must be oriented towards the North Celestial Pole (NCP). Similarly, in the southern hemisphere, aim the POLARIE towards the south celestial pole to follow the stellar rotation seamlessly.

Shooting Deep Sky Wonders with a Telephoto Lens

The setup depicted above showcases a configuration optimized for long exposure astrophotography using the POLARIE. In addition to the essential POLARIE Step-up Kit, this system is enhanced with several optional accessories designed to elevate your celestial photography experience:

  • Quick Release Panorama Clamp for versatile camera positioning.
  • Quick Release Angle Plate to adjust shooting angles with ease.
  • Additional Counterweight Bar for improved balance.
  • 1.0 kg Counterweight to ensure stability with heavier setups.
  • M-155MA Tripod, providing a sturdy foundation for all your astrophotography needs.

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