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Vixen Astronomy Binoculars BT-126SS-A


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Vixen Astronomy Binoculars BT-126SS-A


Want Superior Viewing Performance? Get the Vixen BT-126SS-A Binoculars That Will Help You Explore the Night Sky Without the Hassle of Complex Setup.


  • Large Aperture: 126mm objective lenses capture substantial light, revealing intricate details of celestial objects.
  • High Resolution: 625mm focal length and fast f/5 focal ratio allow for quick, wide-field observations, enhancing your viewing experience.
  • Advanced Optics: Fully multi-coated achromatic lenses reduce chromatic and spherical aberrations, ensuring vivid, contrast-rich views without color fringing.
  • Comfortable Viewing: 45° angled eyepiece holders ensure a natural observation posture, reducing neck strain and allowing extended viewing sessions.
  • Versatile Eyepiece Options: Dual 1.25" eyepiece mounts accept a wide range of astronomy eyepieces, facilitating easy magnification changes.
  • Integrated Features: Includes a carry handle and a finderscope dovetail bracket for enhanced functionality and ease of use.
  • Effortless Setup: Push-fit eyepiece holders make eyepiece swaps quick and simple.
  • Individual Focus: Each eyepiece can be focused independently, allowing for precise adjustment to match individual eyesight.
  • Robust Construction: Aluminum body ensures durability and reliability, even in harsh outdoor conditions.

The Vixen Astronomy Binoculars BT-126SS-A is for You If…

  • You Demand Unparalleled Clarity: You want binoculars that provide sharp, true-to-color views without chromatic aberration.
  • You Need High-Performance Optics: You seek binoculars that offer large aperture and high resolution for detailed celestial and terrestrial observations.
  • You Value Ease of Use: You require binoculars that are easy to set up and use, allowing you to quickly begin your observation sessions.
  • You Want Versatile Viewing Options: You need binoculars that are compatible with a wide range of eyepieces, enabling you to customize your viewing experience.
  • You Require Durable Equipment: You want binoculars made from high-quality materials that can withstand frequent use and varying outdoor conditions.
  • You Enjoy Long Observation Sessions: You look for features like comfortable angled eyepiece holders and individual focus to ensure prolonged, strain-free viewing.
  • You Are Both an Amateur and Professional Astronomer: You seek a versatile instrument that caters to both your casual stargazing and detailed astronomical research needs.


Unlock the cosmos and explore the wonders of nature with the Vixen Astronomy Binoculars BT-126SS-A. Designed for both amateur and professional astronomers, these binoculars combine high-end optical technology with a user-centric design, ensuring unmatched clarity and comfort in every observation session. With a large 126 mm (5") aperture and a 625 mm focal length, these binoculars capture substantial light, revealing intricate details of celestial objects that are often missed by lesser optics. The fast f/5 focal ratio allows for quick, wide-field observations, making your stargazing experience truly immersive.

The Vixen BT-126SS-A features advanced optics with an air-spaced doublet achromatic objective lens and magnesium fluoride coating. This combination reduces chromatic and spherical aberrations, ensuring vivid, contrast-rich views without color fringing. With a resolving power of 0.93 arc seconds and a limiting magnitude of 12.3, you can observe faint celestial objects and subtle details with remarkable clarity. The 45° angle of view provides a natural observation posture, reducing neck strain and allowing for extended viewing sessions.

Weighing 23 lb (10.5 kg), these binoculars are robust yet designed for ease of use. The aluminum body ensures durability, making them suitable for various outdoor conditions. The light gathering power of 324x guarantees that even in low-light environments, your observations remain bright and clear. The interpupillary distance of 58mm to 102mm allows for easy adjustment to match individual eyesight, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience for everyone.

The Vixen BT-126SS-A is not just about powerful optics; it's about enhancing your overall observational experience. The dual 1.25" eyepiece mounts accept a wide range of astronomy eyepieces, facilitating easy magnification changes. The integrated carry handle and finderscope dovetail bracket add to the functionality and ease of use, making setup and transport effortless. Each eyepiece can be focused independently, allowing for precise adjustments tailored to your vision.

Imagine the joy of seeing the intricate craters on the Moon, the majestic rings of Saturn, or distant galaxies with stunning clarity. Picture yourself on a serene night, the vast expanse of the universe above you, each star and nebula rendered in sharp detail. The Vixen BT-126SS-A makes this possible, providing an unparalleled viewing experience that both amateur stargazers and seasoned astronomers will appreciate.


Discover the Wonders You Can See with the Vixen BT-126SS-A

With the Vixen Astronomy Binoculars BT-126SS-A, your observational possibilities are vast and varied. Here are some of the specific types of celestial and terrestrial objects you can explore in stunning detail:

  • Celestial Objects:
    • The Moon: Observe intricate craters, mountains, and valleys on the lunar surface with remarkable clarity.
    • Planets: View planets like Jupiter and its moons, Saturn’s rings, and the phases of Venus.
    • Star Clusters: Discover vibrant star clusters such as the Pleiades, the Beehive Cluster, and the Double Cluster in Perseus.
    • Nebulae: Enjoy the gaseous beauty of nebulae like the Orion Nebula, the Eagle Nebula, and the Ring Nebula.
    • Galaxies: Explore distant galaxies, including the Andromeda Galaxy, the Whirlpool Galaxy, and the Sombrero Galaxy.
    • Comets: Track passing comets and observe their tails as they journey through our solar system.
    • Double Stars: Split and distinguish double stars, appreciating their distinct colors and separations.
  • Terrestrial Objects:
    • Landscapes: Observe distant mountains, forests, and other scenic landscapes with sharp, clear images.
    • Wildlife: Watch birds and other wildlife in their natural habitats, capturing intricate details and movements.
    • Architectural Details: Explore the fine architectural details of distant buildings and monuments.
    • Seascapes: Enjoy the view of coastal areas, ships, and marine life from a distance.


Essential Accessories Included with the Vixen BT-126SS-A

When you choose the Vixen Astronomy Binoculars BT-126SS-A, you're investing in more than just superior optics. This package includes essential accessories designed to enhance your viewing experience and provide added convenience and protection.

  • Integrated Carry Handle:
    • Convenience on the Go: The built-in carry handle makes it easy to transport your binoculars. Whether you're heading to your favorite stargazing spot or exploring new landscapes, the carry handle ensures you can easily and securely take your binoculars with you.
    • Sturdy Design: Designed for durability and ease of use, the integrated handle provides a comfortable grip, making it simple to carry your binoculars over long distances.
  • Integrated Finderscope Dovetail Bracket:
    • Enhanced Targeting: The dovetail bracket allows for the easy attachment of a finderscope, helping you quickly and accurately locate celestial objects in the night sky.
    • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of finderscopes, the integrated bracket ensures that you can customize your setup to meet your specific viewing needs and preferences.
  • Protective Dew Caps:
    • Optics Protection: The included dew caps are essential for keeping your lenses free from moisture, dust, and other environmental elements that can affect image clarity and performance.
    • Prolonged Observation: By preventing dew build-up, these caps help maintain optimal viewing conditions, allowing you to enjoy extended observation sessions without interruption.
    • Easy Application: Designed for quick and easy attachment, the dew caps provide hassle-free protection, ensuring your binoculars are always ready for use.


Recommended Accessories for the Vixen BT-126SS-A

To maximize your experience with the Vixen Astronomy Binoculars BT-126SS-A, consider these highly recommended accessories for added stability, precision, and convenience:

  • Vixen HF2 Fork Mount:
    • Enhanced Stability: Provides a sturdy and reliable base, ensuring your binoculars remain steady during use.
    • Ease of Use: Facilitates smooth and precise movement for accurate targeting of celestial and terrestrial objects.
    • Durable Construction: Built to last, offering robust support for your binoculars during extended observation sessions.
  • Vixen SXG-HAL130 Aluminum Tripod:
    • Perfect Support: Designed to support the substantial weight of the BT-126SS-A binoculars, ensuring steady and clear views.
    • Sturdy and Lightweight: Made from aluminum, this tripod offers a perfect balance of strength and portability.
    • Adjustable Height: Easily adjust the tripod to your preferred height for comfortable viewing, whether observing the night sky or distant landscapes.
    • Quick Setup: Designed for convenience, the tripod allows for quick and easy setup, so you can start your observations without delay.


Elevate Your Viewing Experience to New Heights

Invest in the Vixen Astronomy Binoculars BT-126SS-A today, and elevate your viewing experience to new heights. This is more than just an optical instrument; it's your gateway to exploring the universe and the natural world in exquisite detail. Don't miss the chance to make your observations truly unforgettable.

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Questions & Answers

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  • How durable are these binoculars for outdoor use?

    The Vixen BT-126SS-A is built with a robust aluminum body, ensuring durability and reliability even in harsh outdoor conditions. The included protective dew caps keep your lenses free from moisture and dust, maintaining optimal performance.

  • Can I use different eyepieces with the Vixen BT-126SS-A?

    Absolutely. The dual 1.25" eyepiece mounts accept a wide range of astronomy eyepieces, allowing you to customize your viewing experience and easily change magnifications to suit your needs.

  • Are these binoculars easy to set up and use?

    Yes, the Vixen BT-126SS-A is designed for user-friendly setup and operation. The push-fit eyepiece holders make eyepiece swaps quick and simple, and the integrated finderscope dovetail bracket allows for easy attachment of a finderscope for accurate targeting.

Vixen Astronomy Binoculars BT-126SS-A | ES14306 | 4955295143061

Vixen Astronomy Binoculars BT-126SS-A





126 mm | 5"

Focal Length

625 mm

Focal Ratio


Field of View



Objective Lens: Air-spaced doublet achromatic

Optical coating: Magnesium fluoride coating

Resolving power: 0.93 arc seconds

Limiting magnitude: 12.3

Angle of view: 45°

Barrel Size



630 x 360 x 200 mm


23 lb | 10.5 kg
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