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Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars

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 Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars


From Dawn to Dusk, See Everything Clearly – Alpen Optics Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars Perform When It Matters Most


  • Compact and Lightweight Design: Easy to carry and perfect for long hikes, bird-watching excursions, and travel.
  • Superior Optics: High-quality lenses provide crystal-clear, sharp images, ensuring you don't miss any details.
  • Excellent Low-Light Performance: Delivers bright and clear views even in low-light conditions, ideal for early morning or dusk observations.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand harsh outdoor environments, including drops, bumps, and varying weather conditions.
  • Quick and Accurate Focusing: Effortless focusing mechanism ensures you can quickly and precisely adjust to capture fleeting moments in nature.
  • Comfortable Grip and Ergonomics: Designed for extended use with a comfortable grip and user-friendly ergonomics.
  • Waterproof and Fogproof: Reliable performance in all weather conditions, providing clear views regardless of the environment.

The Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars Are for You If…

  • You Love Outdoor Adventures: Whether you’re hiking, bird-watching, or exploring new landscapes, these binoculars enhance your experience with clear, detailed views.
  • You Need Reliable Gear: If you require equipment that can withstand tough conditions and provide consistent performance, the Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars are built for durability.
  • You Struggle with Heavy Binoculars: If you’ve been frustrated by bulky, heavy binoculars in the past, you’ll appreciate the compact and lightweight design of this model.
  • You Desire Superior Image Quality: For those who value high-quality optics that offer sharp, clear images, these binoculars are equipped with top-notch lenses.
  • You Often Observe in Low Light: If you frequently find yourself observing wildlife or scenery in low-light conditions, these binoculars are designed to perform exceptionally well at dawn or dusk.
  • You Want Quick and Easy Focus: If missing moments due to difficult focusing is a problem, the quick and accurate focusing mechanism of these binoculars will be a game-changer.
  • You Prioritize Comfort and Usability: For users who need a comfortable, easy-to-handle pair of binoculars for extended use, these are designed with ergonomics in mind.


Imagine being on a hike, surrounded by nature's beauty, and you spot a rare bird perched high on a distant tree. With the Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars, you won't miss a moment of this experience. These binoculars offer a stunning 400 feet field of view at 1000 yards, allowing you to capture wide, panoramic scenes with ease. Whether you’re an avid bird watcher, wildlife enthusiast, or passionate traveler, these binoculars are designed to meet your needs with precision and clarity.

The Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars are equipped with phase-corrected BAK4 Roof prisms, ensuring exceptional resolution and contrast. The broadband fully multi-coated optics enhance light transmission, delivering bright, sharp images even in challenging lighting conditions. When observing at dawn or dusk, you’ll appreciate the binoculars' ability to perform flawlessly, providing clear views when it matters most.

Built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors, these binoculars are nitrogen-filled, waterproof, and fogproof. No matter the weather, you can rely on their durability and performance. With a close focus of just 2 meters, you can observe intricate details of nearby subjects, making these binoculars incredibly versatile for both distant and close-up views.

Comfort is key during extended use, and the Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars are designed with this in mind. The 15.67mm eye relief and 3.25mm exit pupil ensure a comfortable viewing experience, even for those who wear glasses. The center focuser type and twist-up eyecups allow for easy adjustments, providing a customized fit for every user.

Weighing in at a super lightweight 442 grams, these binoculars are easy to carry, reducing fatigue during long adventures. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty with registration, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected.


See the World in Stunning Detail with Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars

With the Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars, you can explore a wide range of objects in remarkable clarity and detail. Here’s what you can look forward to observing:

  • Birds and Wildlife: Identify and appreciate the vibrant colors and behaviors of various bird species and wildlife from afar.
  • Landscapes: Enjoy sweeping panoramic views of mountains, forests, and other breathtaking landscapes with the wide field of view.
  • Close-Up Nature: Examine intricate details of flowers, insects, and other small objects with the 2m close focus capability.
  • Sporting Events: Get a front-row experience by viewing distant action with precision at outdoor sports games.
  • Celestial Objects: Glimpse the moon's craters and other celestial phenomena during clear nights.
  • Distant Landmarks: Spot and admire far-off landmarks and architectural marvels with ease.

Experience the world around you in extraordinary detail and vibrant clarity with the Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars, making every outdoor adventure unforgettable.


Essential Accessories for Your Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars

The Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars come with a comprehensive set of accessories to enhance your outdoor adventures and ensure your binoculars are always protected and ready for use:

  • Nylon Bag with Shoulder Strap and Belt Loop: Conveniently carry and store your binoculars with this durable bag, offering easy access and added protection.
  • Wide, Padded Carrying Strap: Enjoy comfortable, hands-free transportation with the adjustable, padded strap, reducing strain during long treks.
  • Protective Lens Caps: Safeguard the lenses from dust, scratches, and debris, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.
  • Protective Eyepiece Caps: Keep the eyepieces clean and protected when not in use, maintaining optimal viewing quality.
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth: Maintain clear and smudge-free lenses with the included cleaning cloth, designed specifically for delicate optical surfaces.
  • Instruction Manual: Get the most out of your binoculars with the comprehensive instruction manual, providing easy-to-follow guidance and tips.

With these accessories, your Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars are always ready for your next adventure, ensuring they remain protected and perform at their best.


Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures

Don’t let heavy, bulky, or unclear binoculars hold you back from fully enjoying your outdoor experiences. The Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars offer the perfect blend of superior optics, durability, and comfort, making them an essential companion for all your adventures. Seize the opportunity to see the world in stunning detail and clarity – choose Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars and elevate your outdoor experiences today.

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Bresser Pirsch 8x34 Binoculars

$199.99 $219.99




34 mm | 1.3"

Focal Length


Focal Ratio


Field of View

400' @ 1000yd / 122m @ 1000m

6.97° apparent FOV


Phase-corrected BAK4 Roof prism

Broadband fully multi-coated

Nitrogen-filled, waterproof & fogproof

2m close focus

15.67mm eye relief

3.25mm exit pupil

Barrel Size



133 x 124 x 43 mm


.97 lb | 442 g
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